Day 1: Flight from Home.

Day 2: Istanbul / Gocek - Arrival in Istanbul and connection flight to Dalaman. Arrive Dalaman and transfer to Gocek to embark on the gulet, a traditional Turkish wooden-hulled boat. Cruise to Gocek Island to anchor for the night.!

Day 3: Gocek Bays - Cruise along Gocek's beautiful bays and coves, enjoying nature at its best. Overnight at Agalimani, one of the most beautiful bays on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, or Hamam where you can see an ancient sunken church and the ruins of Cleopatra's sunken baths.

Day 4: Kaya / Gemiler Island - Cruise to Sarnic Bay. Optional walk to the abandoned Greek mountain village of Kayakoy. Return to Gemiler Island to anchor for the night.

Day 5: Xanthos - Patara / Kas - Early morning cruise to Kalkan, a lovely, small coastal village. Stop for breakfast on the way to Firnaz. Drive to Xanthos, an ancient capital of Lycia, then Patara, where St. Nicholas was born. Relax and enjoy the beautiful beach. Overnight at Kas Marina

Day 6: Kekova - Cruise to Aperlae for snorkeling over the sunken city. Continue to Kekova Bay. Visit the Lycian necropolis at Theimussa and ancient Simena, overlooking the bay and situated below the ramparts of a Roman castle which houses a small theatre cut into rocks. Overnight in Kekova Bay.

Day 7: Kekova - Myra - Arycanda / Finike - Cruise along Kekova Island and see the sunken city as well as the ruins on the island. Continue to Cayagzi, the ancient city of Andriake. Disembark and drive to Myra, where outstanding examples of Lycian funeral architecture can be seen. Visit the church of St. Nicholas, who was once bishop of Myra, in the middle of the town. Drive to Finike and to Arycanda. Overnight at Finike Marina.

Day 8: Adrasan / Genova Bay - Cruise to Adrasan and Port Genova. Visit Olimpos, the ancient city that was used by pirates as a homeport in Hellenistic times and has been inhabited ever since. See the remains of a monumental gateway, an acropolis, and a small theatre. Overnight in Genova Bay.

Day 9: Phaselis / Antalya - Cruise to the ancient site of Phaselis and stroll through this well-preserved city. See the two ancient harbors and enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches. Disembark before noon at the modern town of Kemer. Transfer to the hotel in Antalya or to the airport for return flight to Istanbul.